The ethereal sound of Jake Allen's music attaches to your heartbeat and reverberates through your veins with the warmth of a long-lost embrace. He moves around the acoustic guitar like he's been holding it for a lifetime, gliding from end to end and producing sounds that you would expect from a full band.

At a young age, Allen began exploring synthesizers and recording music in his father’s Northern Michigan studio. By his late teens, Allen found himself being drawn to the sounds of finger-style guitar trailblazers like Michael Hedges and Andy McKee. He started to pinpoint his focus on acoustic guitar, crafting his own breed of six string wizardry. On top of a two-hands on the neck, percussive tapping style, Jake employed an array of effects and live looping to create an engaging solo performance. Through the art of looping, he discovered a way to create a virtual clone-like backing band. With this sufficient box of tools, Jake took his solo show to the road in 2009, touring ever since. These live efforts have garnered endorsements from companies like Takamine Guitars, ToneWoodAmp, Rees Harps and more. Jake can often be found online and in the flesh showing off new guitars and other products made by these reputable companies.

Allen has produced several acclaimed solo records, playing every instrument himself to complement his smooth, soaring voice. His deep and detailed records lend themselves to the fleeting practice of sitting down and really listening to a record from start to finish. In June 2018, Jake released his newest critically acclaimed record, “Deviant Motions.”

As Jake Allen continues to write, produce, and perform, his mission statement remains the same: "I observe, report and affirm my life through the act of making music. In turn, I wish that act will enrich the lives of others and inspire them to be their own definition of great."

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