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  1. Affirmation Day

  2. More Than Meets The Eye

  3. Only You

  4. On The Run

  5. Living Ghost

  6. Prague 6

  7. Clear

  8. Rising Tide

  9. Indigo Son

  10. Things We'll Never Find

  11. Two Faced

  12. I'll See You On The Other Side

Jake Allen returns with a new album that harnesses the experience he’s gained from two years of touring the world solo, weathering a family death, and shifting his perspectives through shamanic ceremonies. Building on his refined multi-instrumental and fingerstyle guitar skills, Allen’s new prog/folk/alt offering takes listeners on an introspective ride into themes of light vs. dark and beyond. Written in isolation in Lithuania with just his acoustic guitar and insidious voice, Allen brings it home with his colorful productions on top of a natural and honest foundation.

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Deviant Motions cover art.jpg


  1. The Picture

  2. Bridges

  3. Scorpio

  4. If You Fall Apart

  5. The End of Us

  6. Imprismed

  7. A Dream...

  8. Troubadourial

  9. Drowning in a Shallow Paradigm

  10. A Dream That Lingers

  11. Detour

  12. Dust and Spiderwebs

  13. Lascivious

  14. Still

Prog-pop, lush, vastly melodic, Jake Allen’s third full length album explores the dissolution of relationships, restless vagabondage, and the search for the truth and moral justice. Allen employs a new set of tools with his performances on 32 string harp as well as violin and cello accompaniment by The Accidentals on several tracks. Deviant Motions was acclaimed by many as Allen’s best work upon its release and garnered him many new fans. Written and recorded at his crowdfunded studio, Infinite Balance, the album expands on Jake’s production prowess, dynamic vocals, and technical guitar skills.



  1. Eleanor Rigby

  2. Ain't No Sunshine

  3. Save Me

  4. Human Nature

  5. The Working Hour

In his solo acoustic endeavors, Jake Allen has developed a collection of uniquely performed cover songs. Rearrangements is an EP that showcases five of these intriguing remakes. Using looper pedals, percussion on the guitar, and finger style fluidity, Jake reanimates classic songs with his own signature twists. The record is a true representation of what you’ll hear from the front row at a live solo show by Jake Allen.





  1. Ascension

  2. Open Space

  3. Dinosaur

  4. Like a Feather

  5. The Witness

  6. Autumnal

  7. Indian Summer

  8. Dahlia

  9. Fix Me Professor

  10. Etherica

  11. The Ransom

  12. Euphonic

Etherica, the first full length record from Jake Allen, is a concept album that shines a light on a struggle with existentialism, depersonalization and the transcendent lessons that can be found within these tricky states. Once again, Allen plays all of the instruments on the album himself, creating a full rock band sound layered with finger style guitar intricacies. Infused with progressive, alternative and theatrical styles, Etherica searches for the answers to life’s greatest questions through a precise musical performance.

SLEEP (2009)


  1. Jazzy Thang

  2. Tappy Thang

  3. The Same

  4. Sarahnade

  5. Into the Storm

  6. Slappy Thang

  7. Flying Over Amsterdam

  8. House of Dreams

SleEP captures a young Jake Allen’s exploration into a world of percussive fingerstyle guitar, multi-instrumentalism, and production driven songwriting. The half instrumental, half vocal driven record was written during a two-month journey through the Alaskan wilderness during Jake’s most formidable years. With it’s melodically rich music, ethereal vocals and technically affluent execution, SleEP generated the framework for Jake Allen records to come.

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