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Directed by Jake Burgess at Cardboard Robot Visuals

Written and produced by Jake Allen

Painting a vivid picture of an artist's birth, development and dismantling, If You Fall Apart is a modern day Faustian tale.

"Early into the song's genesis, I could see this cinematic play in my head. The storyline in the video ended up being an inversion of the storyline in the song. This is the 'falling apart' so to speak and the lyrics are from the perspective of the girl."

After five laborious years crafting the album, interwoven with continuous nationwide tours Jake Allen's Deviant Motions is finally out.  Allen, who is primarily known for his percussive fingerstyle guitar work and visceral solo performances, goes deeper into the vastly melodic territory he began exploring in his 2011 LP, Etherica. Playing all of the instruments and producing the record himself, Deviant Motions came to be an impenetrable wall of sound. Throw in some tasteful violin and cello performances by The Accidentals and the result is a dynamic record that will be embraced by pop music listeners, fingerstyle guitar buffs and discerning prog-rock connoisseurs alike.

Deviant Motions cover art.jpg

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-Jake Allen

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